First piece from Bourges tattoo convention


Spiderman thème

Here is the piece I have been working on these last 2 days. It has been a real challenge to understand how to approach it. I have been mainly wondering how to respect the famous suit of this marvel character. Usually it’s a 6 side geometrical form pattern. But at the end the most important I think was to respect the regular pattern which I changed for a more square and circle shape.

Hope you enjoy 🙂


Leg sleeve collaboration between Thomas and Matteo Pasqualin

Texture and empty skin

Lion and comparaison photo/tattoo

Done in Italy in Naples

It’s been a incredible journey travelling for he last 10 days in Italy surrounded by incredible artist and friends. We are always received with so much love, we will be back very soon. Italy now feels like a second home to us travelling to my friend and master Matteo Pasqualin and the amazing artist Noa Yanni.

Thank you all for coming to the stand in Pistoia tattoo expo and in Napoli tattoo convention.

See you back in a few month in Italy