Underwater themed sleeve

2 sessions down to start this full sleeve dedicated to the sea/ocean theme.

Faun Lady

Did you know that female fauns are known as maenads?

One long session to get this beautiful detailed portrait done on forearm.

Spirit of the mountain

Really enjoyed creating this double exposition piece . I could say that nature themes pieces are among my favourite subjects. It’s all we really have, it’s purity, strength, vastness.

Jack Sparrow portrait

This was a fun work to do, long session for this Jack Sparrow themed forearm. I can’t fail to admit that Pirates of the Caribbean is my guilty pleasure movie franchise.

Nature and human

A long session for this piece. Part of a sleeve. It’s always a pleasure to work with beautiful artistic photography where the emotion is in the foreground.


A woman with snakes. A recurring combination recently. 2 full day sessions to fill up the upper arm.

Animalistic sleeve

Added some new elements to the sleeve dedicated to French wildlife / animal kingdom. The smaller the subject the more surprising details it hides. A lot of unusual and interesting textures to work in this piece.

The serpent whisperer

Certain themes are born by juxtaposing subjects; they start telling stories to which each of us brings our own meaning, engraved on skin.

Abstract Skull Tattoo

Some subjects ask for certain graphic framing to convey a more intense emotion, like this skull embellished with brush strokes, swipes and scratches. I believe that graphic elements can help carry realistic pieces to a different level.

Wildlife sleeve

New animal sleeve almost finished, the whole forearm is healed and upper part is fresh. As a tradition there is a squirrel!