Deauville Tattoo Convention, Vlog

Holidays just came to an end. A month of recharging batteries to start this 2019/2020 with a fresh head. Last week end we travelled to the French Coast City called Deauville for the Annual tattoo convention organised by our friend Romain Deauville Ink. Their we met up with different artists and friends. Over the 2 days I was able to Make an outer sleeve for the strong girl Clemence. 19h of work in 2 days. The theme for this piece was the ocean and travelling. hope you will enjoy the video.

Video Summary

Deauville tattoo convention through the eyes of Noire Ink team. Here comes a video collection of moments that we shared with our fellow tattoo artists during our trip to Deauville for the tattoo convention. We had great time together, the convention was fantastic, well organized, super clean and very busy. Awesome tattoos have been done! The sound is a little quiet, our apologies, will fix it for the future vlogs! Time Codes: 1:28 – Thomas drawing the stencil 6:30 – John Maxx talikng about his power supply 8:30 – Thomas posing the stencil 10:00 – Thomas preparing his ink palette 12:57 – the working process 17:30 – finished piece Please comment what content you would like to see in our future vlogs. People who appeared in the video (Instagram): Thomas Carli Jarlier – @thomascarlijarlier Vasilisa Carli Jarlier – @vasilisa.carlijarlier John Maxx – @johnmaxxtattoo Aivar – @aivar_tattoo Ziora – @ziora_tattoo Artem Tsytsylin – @tema_arty Yurga – @yurga_vait Calvin Moktar – @calvin_moktar Killer Ink supplies – @killerinktattoo World Famous Tattoo Ink – @worldfamousink Deauville Tattoo Festival – @deauvilletattoofestival Deauville Ink Shop – @deauvilleink

Cubism Portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier


NOIRE INK TV Youtube Channel

Its been a while that we wanted to create a Youtube Channel to be able to share a bit of the spirit of the studio, but aswell different future reportage about travelling, product and way of working.

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Thomas and Vasilisa Carli Jarlier





Road trip by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Cubism portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Cubism portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Thomas Carli Jarlier, Tattoo seminar in London January 2019 at Nr Studio London

im happy to be sharing the resume of the last seminars organised in England at NR Studio London.
Making seminars is something for the past year which pushed me to rethink the way I work and what is important to share to be able to help others to advance in this passion of ours which is tattooing. Everyday is a chance to learn from our mistakes and to grow as artists.
Thank you NR Studios UK for the opportunity
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