The serpent whisperer

Certain themes are born by juxtaposing subjects; they start telling stories to which each of us brings our own meaning, engraved on skin.

Abstract Skull Tattoo

Some subjects ask for certain graphic framing to convey a more intense emotion, like this skull embellished with brush strokes, swipes and scratches. I believe that graphic elements can help carry realistic pieces to a different level.

Wildlife sleeve

New animal sleeve almost finished, the whole forearm is healed and upper part is fresh. As a tradition there is a squirrel!


Sometimes pure and simple images are the ones that work the best on skin. This is the latest addition to the sleeve dedicated to the beauty of ocean and mountain landscapes.

Beginning of wildlife themed sleeve


2 sessions in to start off this sleeve based on Animals typical of France. Can’t wait to continue this! What other rare animals are there that would be great to tattoo?

Odin forearm piece

One session for this outer forearm piece based around the theme of Odin and his crows. As a part of a future full sleeve.

Back Piece: Paris in the 30s

We have finally finished this full back piece that took us 4 long sessions. We have still one session to go for some touch ups and additions to make it perfect.

Gothic sleeve start

Really happy about how this one is turning out. This was the first tattoo for this customer and he sat like a champion. It took about 17 hours over 2 days, good sessions! It’s always a pleasure when a customer chooses one of my own designs, seeing them find their home on skin is inspiring.

Vintage UFO portraits

The bizarre and unknown is always something that passionated me. This particular leg sleeve took around 9h in one sitting before the confinement started. At that time we had no idea that the next 2 month would be passed in lockdown. I would have know i would probably enjoyed a little bit more this last tattooing moments. We will be getting into a lighter lockdown here in France next week. From the 11th of may we will be able to go back outside and to restart working under strict health conditions. I will personally restart working slowly from the week after the 11th in our studio in France. A lot of plans was suppose to happen during this last 2 months, traveling to Iceland, London, Italy, seminar in France and Spain… but this is only on pause until the world crisis will be more under control. We hope you are safe and that you are using this time to reconnect with your self and the small enjoyable things that make life worth it.

Stay strong and keep supporting your friends family and artists around you

Ps: I’m now working on an online seminar I will be speaking about it in the near futur