Cubism Portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier



NOIRE INK TV Youtube Channel

Its been a while that we wanted to create a Youtube Channel to be able to share a bit of the spirit of the studio, but aswell different future reportage about travelling, product and way of working.

Feel free to subscribe 🙂

Thomas and Vasilisa Carli Jarlier





Road trip by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Cubism portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Cubism portrait by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Thomas Carli Jarlier, Tattoo seminar in London January 2019 at Nr Studio London

im happy to be sharing the resume of the last seminars organised in England at NR Studio London.
Making seminars is something for the past year which pushed me to rethink the way I work and what is important to share to be able to help others to advance in this passion of ours which is tattooing. Everyday is a chance to learn from our mistakes and to grow as artists.
Thank you NR Studios UK for the opportunity
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Abstract floral and portrait composition by Thomas Carli Jarlier