1st day at Kwadron Tattoo Gallery Frankfurt


GEmoetric Girl Kwadron


Tattoo Seminar Thomas Carli Jarlier and Joshua Carlton, Reportage Tatouage et Partage.

insta presentationSeminaire Avignon

Matteo Pasqualin at Noire Ink

Matteo Pasqualin is not only a good friend of our studio but also a big inspiration and an example as a tattoo artist and a personality. In this video we have captured a few moments of the tattoo creation process, that shows Matteo’s intricate techniques. His gentle approach at ink deposition is hypnotizing, it is the secret for the perfectly healed pieces Matteo is known for. Enjoy this short showcase with the Brazil themed legpiece by Matteo Pasqualin.

Thank you

Matteo Pasqualin n’est pas seulement un ami mais il est aussi une grande inspiration et un exemple en t’en que tattoo artist. Dans cette video nous avons essayé de capturer quelques moments sur une journée avec lui, montrant ca passion et technique. En espérant que vous apprécirez cette video.

Merci a tous .

Done at the Cezanne Tattoo Gallery


CEzanne day 1 insta.jpg

A few Close ups


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2nd place best of show 2017

Tyron Lannister

Tyrion Lannister done in Cantal Ink 2017

Best of Sunday at Cantal Ink 2017

Cantal Ink 2017

Martin Freeman done in Cantal Ink 2017