1st day at Kwadron Tattoo Gallery Frankfurt


GEmoetric Girl Kwadron


Tommy Shelby


Valentin tattoo

Tattoo Seminar Thomas Carli Jarlier and Joshua Carlton, Reportage Tatouage et Partage.

insta presentationSeminaire Avignon

Jodie Foster


Jody Foster tattoo

Autumn Queen

Piece done in 2 days, the bottom till the top of the face is healed, the rest is fresh.Leg piece

Reportage Killer ink at Noire Ink

A massive thanks to our friend @killerinktattoo for coming all the way to #clermontferrand from Liverpool for filming a day in our studio. In this video i made a piece on the theme of Jimi Hendrix, you can discover a little bit more about where we work and about my self.

Here is the link

Thank you all for watching

Corps Bride


corpse bride new 2