Morgan Freeman by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Morgan Freeman portrait done à couple of weeks ago. The tattoo is situated on the lower leg, around 8h for this work.


Diagon Alley by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Sleepy Hollow by Thomas Carli Jarlier

Underwater skull

By Thomas Carli Jarlier

Skull and smoke

Video of this forearm done a few month ago, this was a little bit darker than what I usually do but really enjoyed. Took us around 9 hours for this session.

Asian half sleeve

Abstract realism composition

A really special piece done for the client who came all the way from Calgary Canada to France Clermont Ferrand, we made this piece in that way as the client really like this kind of portrait photography a bit as macro so to be able to use the picture we decided to keep them as picture a little bit like if we made a collage, mixed with different abstract techniques to create movement and make it look as 1 finished piece front to back.